Group vs Private tuition

When looking for the best tuition service for your child, one of the most important decisions to make is whether you want a tuition group, or a one-to-one private tutor. Both approaches have their advantages, and both can be good for different types of students, so it’s important to consider which one will suit your child the best. 

Private Tuition

Private one-to-one tuition is a type of teaching that involves a teacher teaching just the one student. Tutors can be independent and self-employed, or can be found through a private tutoring service, like My Tutor Source.

Independent contractors often enter into verbal, or rarely written, agreements with the parents of their students, making it the parent’s job to ensure the tutoring is of good quality, and cost-efficient.

Tutors found through private tutoring services, however, typically have fixed rates, and it is the responsibility of the service to make sure the tutor can provide a high standard of education. 

This type of tuition typically takes place at the student’s home, though online tutoring has also seen an increase in popularity in recent years. The main benefits afforded by this form of tutoring, are as follows:

  • Undivided attention

Private tuition gives students the advantage of having undivided attention from their private tutors. This can benefit students who tend to face more challenges trying to grasp certain concepts or tackle application questions.

As the private tutor would be able to focus fully on one student at a time, it may be easier for the tutor to identify the weaker areas of the student and also allow for immediate clarifications and take appropriate remedial actions.

  • Customized tutoring

Private tutors can come up with study plans that can allow students to focus on their weaker areas without the need to account for other students’ study paces. Likewise, the tutor can skip specific topics which the students are good at.

  • Flexibility

Private tuition lets students pick the most suitable timing for themselves, which enables flexibility as they do not have to shift personal commitments to attend a group tuition with fixed schedules. Sometimes, they can rearrange their schedule to attend to other school or private affairs.

Group Tuition

Group tuition generally involves the tutor taking classes of small groups of students, typically between 2 and 6 students. While similar to a classroom, the small sizes of the groups allow teachers to provide more individual attention what is possible in an actual classroom.

Intensive tuition in small groups is often provided to support lower attaining learners or those who are falling behind, but it can also be used as a more general strategy to ensure effective progress, or to teach challenging topics or skills. The major benefits, are as follows:

  • Healthy Competition

For all subjects, group tuition can be extremely helpful in allowing students to engage in healthy competition with their peers. This will encourage them to be more proactive and consistent in their work as they will constantly try to improve themselves to do better than those around them.

  • Encourages Group Discussions

Group tuition always has the benefit of learning from peers. Many times, students have tips, on how they approach certain questions, which may be very helpful to other students who face the same difficulties they do.

Group tutors have the opportunity to present questions to groups of students and allow them to brainstorm the answers. This promotes learning and lets students learn different approaches to different questions.

Having a wide range of methods on hand can potentially help students tackle difficult questions, especially tricky questions phrased in a way to develop critical thinking.

Questions from other students will also allow your child to learn more than they would have if tutored alone, and also often prong him or her to consider other angles to a question which might otherwise be missed.

  • Motivation from Peers

Being able to study with peers can be a great source of motivation. Students may struggle in certain difficult areas in the few subjects. Knowing that ‘you are not alone’, as the students going for tuition are probably facing similar problems, can be really comforting especially for students who are doing worse, when compared to their peers in school. 

Furthermore, seeing their peers making progress will motivate them to adopt a positive attitude towards mastering the most challenging subjects.

So that was our guide for choosing the best possible tutor for your child. Make sure to consider the advantages of both forms, and pick the one that suits your child the best.

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