The 4 Best Online Resources for GCSE Math

Mathematics starts off fairly simple. You learn to add and subtract, then you throw multiplication and division into the mix. Maybe you learn to open brackets. Easy, right? So why does it end being a subject so many students struggle with long term?

In higher GCSE grades, math starts introducing students to more difficult concepts, such as calculus and advanced algebra. This is because these concepts are important for students to learn before they start, before they start making decisions on what kind of degrees they want to go for in college, and what profession they want to pursue later on. 

So while many students may find math a struggle, it is very important for them to learn these concepts. For those who struggle the most, just the time spent in the classroom might not be enough, maybe you need to hire a tutor, or maybe you can just spend some more time on math on your own. This is where the point of this article comes in, we’ve scoured the internet and found the best online math resources, to help make your struggle a little easier, and to help you ace those GCSEs.


The CK-12 website boasts a wealth of great mathematical content that teachers can use in the classroom. It is, essentially, a digital textbook. However, in addition to text, teachers and students will find multimedia such as videos and interactive simulations.

You can easily find material that directly relates to what’s being taught in class, and the diagrams and videos are very accessible. It also has adaptive practice activities, which increase in difficulty and complexity as students answer correctly.

It’s important to know that much of what CK-12 offers is reference material, and won’t take the place of meaningful hands-on learning activities, such as what you do in school. It’s best use is as a supplement to what you’ve learned in class, rather than as a replacement. 

Khan Academy

Whether students are exploring on their own, using the site in class, or using it as a resource for homework and test prep, Khan Academy offers a variety of supplemental content that caters to all needs.

The site’s mission is to promote a more conceptual understanding, as they challenge kids to practice and master skills on their own, using the provided hints and videos only as support, rather than as the main source of instruction.

Some great features on the site include the ability to turn on subtitles within each video, and the full Khan Academy curriculum is available in 12 languages

Math Nation

An extremely well-structured learning experience, Math Nation is very impressive in its scope, depth, and attention to detail. The Study Experts in particular demonstrate the platform’s commitment to getting math instruction right.

Each expert has their own unique way of presenting topics, and their presentation isn’t too polished, to keep it feeling like an actual classroom. Students can see how different instructors approach and work through problems and concepts, encouraging them to find an approach that works for them. This way the website avoids the one size fits all type of math instruction, which so many schools tend to use.

PhET Interactive Simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations is an excellent, free tool to help support student learning. Lab experiments and demonstrations have been a staple of math and science since the very beginning for a very good reason: They promote lasting retention of otherwise difficult-to-understand concepts.

Research into learning and cognition has also shown that when learners actively control, tinker with, and push the boundaries of live experiences, the learning is even deeper and more meaningful. In that way, PhET is an exceptional tool for learning. These simulations can illuminate some of the very toughest topics in math and science in ways that paragraphs of text, equations, textbook pictures, and even videos of demonstrations just can’t touch.

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